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Free Desktop Messaging App Desktop Messenger is a free and unofficial version of Facebook Messenger. The free software works like a regular web browser that allows users to view the Facebook Messenger portal. The application does not affect personal information. MFD is a lightweight cross -platform application compatible with Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows 7, 8 and 10 along with macOS and; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Is it safe to install Messenger for desktop? Desktop Messenger is a secure host for accessing the official Facebook Messenger Center. Messenger for Desktop does not have access to personal account information: username and password. In addition, MFD does not touch the message. Facebook’s official software processes this data securely. Although MFD is similar to a web browser, the platform only has access to Messenger. Can I view my Messenger on a computer? You can download Messenger for desktop to easily access desktop applications. The program starts automatically when users start their operating system. The app is ideal for those who communicate a lot on Facebook Messenger, as you don’t have to pick up a cell phone or open a new tab in a web browser to open the app and reply that you can activate local notifications on your PC device. In addition to receiving messages from the intuitive user interface, the MFD community can access and respond to messages that appear as notifications. This gentle pressure ensures that people are aware of new messages they have while continuing to use their computers and web browsers – users are not warned for new messages in the same way. Messenger for Desktop ensures that people are always in touch with what’s going on in their mailboxes. People save energy with MFDs because they don’t have to constantly check your web browser or cell phone for possible new messages. The notice is real; Common communication with communication – Messenger for Desktop shows the official Messenger user interface in the application. This software optimizes the functionality of the original application of computer equipment. While Messenger for Desktop is similar to an Internet browser, MFD is a much easier and more fun experience. The text and video chat capabilities in MFD are directed to Facebook Messenger, while the browser developed for the various MFD user interfaces is very similar to the official Messenger user interface. This enables a familiar user experience that allows people to intuitively send messages, initiate video calls and more. In the left pane, people can navigate the message thread. The name of the person or group the user contacted appears next to the appropriate. To the right of the name is the time or date of the last message. Above the message list is a search bar that invites users to search for people and groups. The Messenger for Desktop community can enter names and words to move quickly through their conversations and open a special search bar, members can generate messages by clicking on pencil and paper icons. The settings tab is in the upper left corner of the user interface. Next to the left panel is the current conversation window. To switch between posts, click on another discussion in the list on the left. Nameactive messages will be displayed at the top of the name, the status will be visible to tell the user how long he has been online. Available features include voice calling, video calling and info. You can easily start individual and group video calls with the camcorder button. In the Message type bar, people can find their options for sharing photos, GIFs, stickers, emoticons, reactions, stylish current touches. While the user interface is very similar to the official Messenger app, there are aspects that have been improved with Messenger for Desktop. . Compared to web browsers, Messenger’s desktop user interface expands important aspects of UX, as its app focuses on FB Messenger: text discussions, video calls, etc. Along with the big screen, there are no vacancies or additional ads on the MFD. With a minimalist and ad -free user interface, MFD offers the public the ability to give a new look to its user interface with a choice of light and dark modes. These customizations are available in Windows and Mac chat alternatives. Like Messenger for desktop, Skype and WhatsApp are applications that can be launched on computer devices. You can use this program to receive audio, text, and video notifications easily. While the chat app above has a similar user interface, the MFD aesthetic and WhatsApp look are more intuitive than the Skype center. This is mainly due to the complex configuration of Skype with Messenger for desktop, Skype and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger software is cross -platform. With the ability to make professional conference calls that include features such as screen sharing, Skype is a top choice for business communications. MFD, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the best options for personal use. Compared to FB Messenger, the MFD has less attractive colors; Stay in touch with computers Messenger for desktop is a secure program for installing computers and laptops on PCs and Macs The unofficial FB Messenger app allows people to access their chats effectively. You can make Messenger open nicely to receive notifications in the background while you work on any computer device. You can also arrange unlimited chat, voice and video meetings with this simple and free novelty. The MFD team is dedicated to maintaining consistent system updates. You can browse the official website to view software updates, contact information, privacy policy, terms, reviews, cookies;

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