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Learning is so much fun! Purble Place is a collection of strategy games for gamers, developed by Oberon Games. They make everyday games for desktop and mobile devices. The three games that make up Purble Place are Comfy Cakes, Purble Shop and Purble Pairs. Originally, they were designed for teenagers to practice their cognitive skills, such as memory, hand-eye coordination, and problem solving. Although it is a children’s game, experienced users can still enjoy it as the difficulty becomes more difficult for you; The Three in one Purple Places game package does not depend on each other, so you can choose which game you want to play. Purble Pairs is a pattern recognition game where the goal is to clear the board in the smallest turn. The number of grids increases to make it more complicated for you, starting with a 5×5 grid, then 6×6, and finally an 8×8 grid. It also adds more pictures as you play, as well as bonuses. To facilitate this, you can use the Sneak Peek coin to reveal all that is left; (function () {(‘desktop-application-page-overview’);}); A comfortable cake is hand-eye communication. Here you are in a bakery where you have to collect cakes to order. The cake consists of shape, taste, glaze and other decorations. The cake can be as simple as a regular chocolate cake or complex layered and decorated. Sending cookies that do not match the exact order will be fined. If you make a wrong order for the third time, the game is as follows; Purble Shop is about hidden math as a code-breaking game. The game features five functions – hat, nose, mouth, eye set and costume – hidden from the player. You need to choose a color option, then you need to draw the right color for the function with as many lashes as possible. For starters, there are three functions with three possible colors. There are twenty-seven to three to three strengths. The likelihood of a combination increases as you move from mid to advanced. Challenging all ages Purple Place is a simple yet challenging game that you can play or encourage young users to start using it. The game package makes the experience more dynamic, because in terms of game mechanics, all games are different from each other. While the game is fun, remember that it is all for single players;

Purble Place

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